Trollbeads have a unique Danish design to their jewellery. It is handmade with the finest materials using ancient techniques and craftsmanship.

Trollbeads are available from our Accessories Department in our Fashion Store. We stock a large selection of bracelets, beads, necklaces, earrings and rings.

537A8957editSee in Store for details.

How to make Easiyo Yogurt

If you went to our Easiyo Yogurt tasting in our Cookshop on Wednesday and wanted to see how easy it really is to make yogurt at home then this will show you how we made our delicious mango yogurt.


As well as the delightful mango we stock a variety of flavours to suit everybodies taste.


 In your Easiyo yogurt box there is a yogurt pot and the Easiyo yogurt maker.

Firstly you would half fill your yogurt pot with water, then add your yogurt mix of your favouite flavour and shake well.

Fill the yogurt pot to the top with water and shake again. Then pour boiling water into your yogurt maker. Place the yogurt pot inside and put the lid on.


Just leave for 8-12 hours to set, then tuck into your delicious home made yogurt!

Available from our Cookshop.


Made to Measure

Did you know in our Home Store we have a Soft Furnishings Department? If you’re struggling to find Curtains to match your style, then why not come and look at our variety of beautiful fabrics. They can be made to measure to give your home a unique design.

softs 2

We stock many brands for our made to measure fabrics such as:

Richard Barrie
Curtain Express
Style Furnishings
Ian Mankin
Morris & Co
Kestrel Lister & Co
Clarke & Clarke
White Angel Voiles
Prestigious Textiles

We offer a measuring and fitting service, see in Store for more details.


We also stock made to measure Blinds by Luxaflex and Stevens Blinds.


Don’t forget our Track and Pole Companies Silentgliss, Hallis Hudson and Curtain Rail Supplies.

poles softs

Have you seen this beautiful selection of cushions.

cushions softs

Available from the 3rd floor of our Home Store.

Alfresco Dining

This weather brings people together, the sunshine beaming down brightening up our week. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than sitting in the garden with friends and family while dining alfresco.


Have you seen this amazing table wear that looks like a terracotta dining set but is actually melamine. It’s perfect for enjoying a dinner party outside, picnics and barbecues.


Available from our Home Store.

KITCHENCRAFT - Palermo 1.jpg

Maddox Street London



Maddox Street London was founded in 1973, its name originates from where the brand had its first ever show room located at number 7 Maddox Street, London. The clothes are influenced from English Heritage with a quirky twist on an English Gentlemen. Their use of Liberty Art Fabrics within their collection is what makes their style so unique. This ethos carries through to their luxurious jackets, waistcoats and particularly eye catching mens shirts.


Why not pop into our Menswear Department where we currently have a special offer of 20% off our Maddox Street London garments and Gabicci Knitwear.





Mavala Swiss Skin Care Range

Did you know in our Cosmetics store we have a New Range of Skin Care, Mavala Swiss Skin Solution’s. It uses the purest Swiss ingredients to delicately transform the quality of your skin.

Group Image 2The name Mavala is synonymous with quality, due to its high performing products. With years experience, Mavala Laboratories have launched face care and beauty products with a key ingredient. The new Mavala face care and beauty line has extracts of the Mallow plant which is found in the Alps. Mallow has smoothing, emollient, astringent and refreshing properties and is present in all the care products of the Mavala range.

Why not pop into our Cosmetics Hall for more information.

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