Belledorm Swift Swap

Do you often struggle with changing the duvet cover? Well, Belledorm have an inventive way to help with their Swift Swap hand hole duvet covers.

Swft wasp 1

Here we are going to demonstrate how easy it really is to change a Belledorm Duvet Cover.

swift swap 3 NEW

Just place the cover over the duvet.

swift swap 4 NEW


Use the hand holes to pull the duvet into the corners.

swift swap 4

And your duvet cover will be perfectly in place.


Belledorm Swift Swap duvet covers are available from the First Floor in our Home Store where we have a variety of patterns to suit every bedroom.

See in Store for details.

Harrison Beds

Harrison beds are Tailored to fit you. At Harrison, there’s no such thing as a standard bed. They’re designed around you and tailored to the size and firmness of your choice.

With natural sourced ingredients in the mattresses, the balance and comfort will allow you to have a good nights sleep. Harrison’s unique springs are a spring-within-spring system that helps cradle you in any position.

Don’t miss out on your Harrison Bed!

*See in Store for More Details*

Mammoth Beds

Do you feel like your room needs a makeover? No need to go through all that trouble when you can just change the furniture in your room! Austins Newton Abbot are pleased to announce that, we sell Mammoth Beds in a range of designs and colours to give your bedroom a personalised touch. Not only do Mammoth Bed’s offer a stylish design, they also offer great comfort for an easy nights sleep!

Get your bespoke Mammoth Bed today at Austins Newton Abbot!

*See in Store for More Details* 

Harrison Beds

Are you tired of your current bed or is it getting a bit outdated? Austins are pleased to announce that we stock Harrison Beds!

Harrison Beds have a fantastic aesthetic look to them making them look modern and stylish. They can be ordered in a range of designs giving your bedroom a different personality by one simple but effective piece of furniture. Along with the aesthetic look of the bed, Harrison Beds are also comfy to give you a good nights sleep without any tossing or turning involved!


Give yourself a good nights sleep with your very own bespoke Harrison Bed now at Austins Newton Abbot!

*See in Store For Details* 


Sale: Carpets

Austins Newton Abbot are overjoyed to announce that our Carpet Department are now in Sale! In this Sale there are a range of deals and offers on a large amount of products!

Abingdon Flooring, Adam Carpets, Associated Weavers, Axminster Carpets, Brintons, Brockway, Cormar Carpets, Gaskell, Gooch Oriental, Manx Carpets, Penthouse Carpets, Rhino floor, Ryalux, Victoria Carpets, Westex are all now reduced!

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Sale: Furniture

Austins Newton Abbot are pleased to announce that our Furniture Store had gone into Sale! In this Sale we have a large range of deals and offers allowing for you to get the best price possible.

Some of these deals and offers include:

  • 20% Off Bristows Furniture, Dining Furniture, Ashley Table, FairFord Table, Lovell Dining Furniture, Nimbus Dining Furniture, York extending Table, Cherwell Table, Rio Table, Chester Table
  • 10% off Parker Knoll
  • 20% off Nature Corner Sofa, Lord Sofa, Toscana Chair and sofa, Warwick Chair and sofa, Dora Chair, Celtic Sofa, Regent Sofa, Grace Sofa, Gosford sofa, Westbury chair, Eaton chair, Rattan Tub Chair, Manhatten sofa, Parker Knoll sofa, Chester Chair, Izan sofa.

Plus many more! Don;t miss out find yours today!

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