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We are pleased to welcome Trollbeads into Store with the story that started Trollbeads… half_block11105_faces

The first Trollbead created was in 1976, Denmark. The first bead was a small bead which had no less than 6 faces. It was designed by Soren Silversmith and sold by his father Svend’s Jewellery shop in central Copenhagen.

Even though it was fashionable to wear a silver bead on a leather thong around the neck, Soren wanted to have the leather go through the bead. Soren’s sister, Lise soon began to put one bead on each silver bracelets. Another jewellery shop was then opened by Lise and one day a customer asked if they could put an extra bead on her bracelet. Following the customers wish, this was soon the beginning of an original jewellery idea that is enjoyed by many worldwide with a growing collection.

Members of the creative Nielsen/ Aagaard family participate in the sculpture of the beads as well as manufacturing. Until 2000, every design came from just the family. To increase the collections, 10 famous Danish jewellery designers were invited to make their signature Trollbead in the collection every year. As the beads became more popular the collection slowly grew. Gold and pearl beads were introduced and new locks were designed for the bracelets making it possible to add or remove beads to experiment.

In 2001, the first glass blown bead was introduced into the Trollbead collection. Since then, the demand continues to grow and the family continue to create and design new beads and other jewellery such as rings and necklaces, incorporating the beads in some way.


Have a look at our fantastic range of Trollbeads and Trollbead jewellery in store now at Austins Newton Abbot in the Accessories hall.

Panache.. Modelled By Role Models

After guidance and a professional fitting, 80% of women found out they were wearing the wrong bra size.  In store, we sell a selection of beautiful Panache Lingerie that will always leave you feeling confident!

Panache have ran a campaign involving women who have been nominated as role models by other people. Some of the people who were nominated with their stories are: 2-CMYK-HR-Anja Clara 1.jpg

Anja: In 2011, Anja left her job to spend three months in Africa as a relief worker. In 2013 Anja sold everything she owned to move to Nigeria to set up the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF). A photograph featuring Anja offering water and biscuits to a little boy went worldwide, raising over an amazing $1 Million for ACAEDF. Anja said she is proud to be part of Panache Lingerie’s Modelled by Role Models campaign.



1-CMYK-HR-Eliza Envy Black 2.jpgEliza: Eliza is an anti-knife and gang campaigner. When Eliza was 14, she founded the ‘Lives Not Knives’ organisation. Her charity helps 10,000 young people in South London in educating them on the affects of knife and gang crime. Eliza says it’s not often she wears beautiful lingerie and feels pretty in her Panache.





3-CMYK-HR-Elly Evie 2.jpg

Elly: Elly is a canadian plus size model who promotes body positivity. 3 years ago, Elly didn’t think she would be in the position to model having battled Ovarian cancer. A huge amount of respect and large following from modelling throughout her treatment was gained, despite losing her hair. Elly is proud to be in the Modelled By Role Models campaign and believes everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin.




On Saturday 17th September, Austins are holding their own Panache day. Carla from Panache will be in store to take professional bra fittings. Come in store to see if you’re part of the 80% wearing the wrong sized bra. Visit our Facebook page and’Like and Share’ for a chance to win a Panache Lingerie set


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Harrison Beds

Harrison beds are Tailored to fit you. At Harrison, there’s no such thing as a standard bed. They’re designed around you and tailored to the size and firmness of your choice.

With natural sourced ingredients in the mattresses, the balance and comfort will allow you to have a good nights sleep. Harrison’s unique springs are a spring-within-spring system that helps cradle you in any position.

Don’t miss out on your Harrison Bed!

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Austins Newton Abbot Cookshop Sale must end 5th September! Get the your kitchen essentials today!

Some of the Brands in sale include:

  • James Martin
  • Stellar
  • Delonghi Brilliante
  • And more!

Come in Store today to get your kitchen essentials!

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Back to Uni!

Get your Back to Uni kitchen essentials today! With only little time to go, why not get your kitchen must haves today!

Some of the fantastic kitchen essentials include:

  • Chefmate – Mini Frying Pan and Saucers
  • Tower – Cerrastone Health Grill
  • Stellar – Oven Gloves
  • And more!


Don’t miss out on your Back to Uni essentials!

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Skopes Menswear



20%* Off Skopes Menswear

starts this August Bank Holiday – Monday 29th August

This offer is only for one week and will end on Monday 5th September – so don`t miss out!

20%* will be deducted from all your Skopes purchases including SALE items.

  • Suits start from £79
  • 3 for the price of 2 on all Skopes Shirts

You will find the Skopes department in our Mens Store here at Austins.

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